Year 6 (Primary School) and Its Relevance at GCSEs Stage


Every Year 6 parent should check with their schools on what grade levels their sons/daughters are on at the moment and what their targets are.

Many parents may think that Year 6 grades are not vital but we want to tell you that they are. Your child’s Year 6 results follows him/her up Year 10 where they use them in setting the targets for their GCSEs. Yes you heard me right. Your child’s SATs results are part of the determining factors to what target levels your child is expected to get in GCSEs.

Get involved; buy extra books that your child can revise at home. Other parents are doing it so don’t be deceived into thinking that they are not.

Find out from the school what extra books to buy. If they tell you not to bother, we will recommend some books for you.

YOUR Child’s future is bright. Help your child to see that.

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