Worry-Free Way to Start Secondary School

Dear Amazing Parent,

Every child who has just started or is about to start Secondary school has a worry of some sort.

These worries can sometimes be wrongly dismissed by parents and we conclude that they will get over it.

My extensive work with Tweens has proven that these worries when left unattended to are more likely to lead into bigger issues such as; increased insecurities, lack of self-belief and confidence and also lack of drive or ambition at school.

I have listened intensively and intentionally to many Year 7 kids who all shared common worries about starting secondary school and responded by going into action to create this online course.

The Worry-Free Way to Start Secondary School online course is the solution that I have created to help break free from these worries and not leave it to chance.


You want a more confident child? You want to a more sociable child? You want a child that is more driven, more motivated and worry -free?

Then this course is for you. It’s unique because I get to share some time with both you and your child through the course.

The link to this online course below.


You can also purchase this online course for your niece, nephew or neighbours’ child.

Thanks for taking your time to reading this email. That is much appreciated.

Kind Regards
Phinnah Chichi

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