Who Is The Bully?

As we draw to a close in this #Antibullying week, it does not mean, that this topic ends. We must continue to talk to our children about it and watch out for any signs. I have observed that whenever we as parents talk about bullying, we rarely think our own children are the bullies. ‘Oh NO my child won’t do such a thing. I know my child very well.’ And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that view, we do realise that the bully out there is someone’s child.

Take a moment to do something different this time and ask yourself this question.

Could My Child Be Bullying Others?

A child who bullies may exhibit some of the following behaviours: It is worth knowing this.

  • Frequent name-calling; for example, describing others as “wimps,” “lame,” or “losers”
  • Regular bragging
  • A constant need to get his or her own way
  • Spending time with younger or less-powerful kids
  • A lack of empathy for others
  • A defiant or hostile attitude; easily taking offense.

If your child does not display most of these signs, then it is all good BUT if he/she does, then you owe yourself as well as your child to do something about it. Facing it is better than denying it.

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