White British children outperformed by ethnic minority pupils, says thinktank

A parent of PBUP, Ifeanyi C, shared this article with us. Thanks Ifeanyi C.

The relevance of this article cannot be undermined as it shows that children from certain ethnic minorities do perform above average. It is very positive and encouraging to read. The concern for PBUP is that in this research according to a think tank, we have only 3 Black Country groups in that list which include Nigerians, Ghanaians and Sierra Leoneans. Now this is not to say that all pupils from these countries perform above average and that is also not to say that no other black groups perform above average. It is only an average percentage of the test sampled. At PBUP, we are not dividing the black community. We are all one. Parents of very high achieving pupils are encouraged to share with us what works and how they participate. What are you doing to encourage your child? What routines at home are working for you? These are all information that we could all share and learn from each other. No one is perfect and it’s never too late to learn. READ MORE

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