What Type Of Parent Are You?

We hear of 3 classic parenting styles that parents tend to follow. As kids grow, our efforts to train them and their drive for independence can sometimes be frustrating for both us as parents and these growing kids. I saw these different styles and thought it would be nice to share it with you.

(1) The Authoritarian Style:

Some parents styles are in quote “I make the rules and you follow them! Don’t question me, obey me.’ Authoritarians don’t tolerate losing face, don’t apologise or admit fault. They are blame-oriented, legalistic, judgmental, shaming, and belittling; expecting, yet exposing the worst in their kids.

(2) The Permissive Style:

This parent has few rigid rules, and explains to the child their rules, standards and decisions. The child’s opinions and ideas are heard and included in decision-making. Reason is used rather than force. Unfortunately, few household responsibilities are demanded of the child and the children ‘self-regulate’ in areas such as bedtime, dating, the car, friends, dress, the Internet, music, and curfew.

(3) The ‘coach/trainer’ style:

These parents provide direction by teaching and example, modelling respect, responsibility, safety, trust and maturity in how they treat the child. They are ‘in charge’, yet always preparing the child for the ‘in charge’ role in due time, delegating authority to the child when they are ready. Respect, not intimidation, is used to train kids, understanding that a respectful child will follow the rules even in your absence. Independence is encouraged by how well children handle limits and controls. The parent is solution-focused, not problem-focused; forgiving; acknowledging their own failures; and directing kids to the future, not the past.

In our next post, we will share the advantages and disadvantages of each of these styles.

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