What to Expect In the Reception Classes (For Parents/Guardians of Reception Aged Children)

In Reception numeracy is taught as part of ‘Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy’. Children will be working with numbers every day, in a range of different ways. They will be using familiar objects to help them learn about how numbers are used in everyday life. They will be encouraged to be curious and explore numbers. They will be playing number games, singing counting songs, making models and using the role-play area, as well as being introduced to the ideas of addition and subtraction. It is advised that at home, we should try to talk about numbers – it’s important for our children to see just how much maths is used in everyday life.

Areas in Reception maths – your child will be introduced to:

  • Counting up to ten and beyond
  • Recognising the numbers 1 to 9
  • Counting aloud in ones, twos, fives, tens
  • Estimating a number of objects and checking by counting
  • Matching and comparing the number of objects in two groups
  • Counting out a number of objects from a larger group

These are guidelines that they are expected to cover in their reception years, but we would advise that this is not restrictive and that you can as a parent teach your children further and beyond these numbers.

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