What Is You Expectation For This Beautiful Month?


It’s a new day! It’s a new month! I am so excited. I trust you are as well.

As I got up this morning and reflected on what I wanted for this month. The word ‘Expectation’ kept coming to my mind. While information is great, it cannot function on its own. We are bombarded with it every day and I once heard that “if information only was the answer, we would all be skinny and rich.” We need to do more and our expectations play a bigger role than we sometimes think.

This month as you reset and relight your passion, as you step out to conquer, check on your expectation. If it conflicts with your initial dream, step back and reset it again. Your expectation must line up as you take that step. Do not be afraid of the word NO! Do not look at today based on your yesterday. It’s a fresh start! It’s a new beginning! Capture it and give your expectation a go. I am rooting for you and me to succeed.

Have a great start to this beautiful month.

Phinnah Chichi

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