What can I do if I feel my child is in the wrong group?

Following our previous article on subject setting in secondary school…

We found a very good article on the www. bbc.co.uk website that gives advice on what to do if we feel our children are in the wrong group. The extract below is taken directly from the bbc website. (We thought it was worth sharing it with you)

‘Sometimes it can be hard to get information about the way in which children are grouped at school. But do persevere. Schools have the right to make the final judgement on academic ability, but you have the right to input your feelings too.

If you feel your child has been placed in the wrong academic group – for all or just some subjects – start by asking the teacher, form tutor or head of year how the grouping decision was made.

Listen carefully to the reasons why your child has been put in a particular group. The teacher may feel it is better for your child – and will improve their confidence – if they are at the top of a group rather than the bottom. The decision to place your son or daughter in what you see as too low a group could ultimately be beneficial.

But if you really think your child would be better off in a higher ability group, provide evidence to back up your views. If you feel your child isn’t currently being stretched enough, give specific examples of why you feel this is the case.

Ask what would encourage the school to change your child’s group. Ask when groups are reassessed and changed (is it at the end of each term or at the end of the school year?). And ask what your son or daughter will need to demonstrate to merit a change of group.’

For more information on this, visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/parents/ability_grouping_at_secondary/

source: www.bbc.co.uk/schools

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