We Are All In This Together

We are all in this together, and together we must continue to strive for the very best for our children and ourselves.

In reference to new figures published by the Department of Education showing that Black pupils on the whole achieved the least in the five top GCSE grades out of all ethnic groups. It shows that at the end of the 2013/14 academic year 56.8 per cent of British African students achieved A*-C grades, including maths and English – slightly above the national average of 56.6 per cent, while the performance of the Caribbean pupils were 47 per cent making the overall percentage of black UK pupils at only 53.1 per cent.

Some parents might think ‘Well my child is doing well and that’s all that matter’ but this should not be the case. We are all in this together. It is not about ‘I am African or I am Caribbean’. It is about being proud parents of our children.

There is so much we can do together but one of the problems we have in the black community is that once some see the word ‘Black’ in a company or a group’s name, they ignorantly think it is a racist group or exclusive to only black people. They ask ‘Why do they use the word ‘Black’? My answer is WHY NOT especially when there is an impacting cause behind the name.

My question to all of us is ‘If there is a national report from the Education department that shows BLACK UK PUPILS below the national average, who are these BLACK UK PUPILS greatest stakeholders? The simple answer is their PARENTS.
Yes their parents are here and their parents are showing and doing what they can do about it. We are not sitting down and just accepting the report. We are informing, we are encouraging, we are sharing and we are applying more successful methods in our homes to help close this gap.

‘Parents of Black UK Pupils’ is a group that is inspired by parents of black UK pupils and is open to EVERY parent. The information and inspiration we share is NOT restricted to only black parents. Stop being wary of the word ‘Black’ and embrace what we are aiming to achieve, Stop being conscious of what other people might say if you do comment on our page. It is all for a good cause and you never know what positive impact a comment from you might have on another parent.

Like our page, like our comments if it interests you, comment of our posts. There is NOTHING embarrassing about it. We are a group that must exist as we MUST show that as parents of black UK pupils, we are doing something about our children’s education.

I am very proud of what we are doing. We also have many non-black parents who love what we are doing and share our vision. We will continue to educate, encourage and inspire each other and we will never give up. Our children are very proud of us, let’s show them that we are interested in them and stay involved in their education.

Remember we are ALL in this TOGETHER. Our deserving children deserves this and more.

From: Phinnah Chichi Ikeji

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