Ways to Give Your Kids a Personalized Education: Part 1

There is no doubt about this fact, that education is very vital. Our kids’ education is too important for any parent to ignore or take lightly. A fact to acknowledge and accept is that the school systems are not designed to give specialized attention to each pupil (a teacher is usually looking after 20 or more pupils in class) and therefore kids are not always given the tools they need to reach their full potential. The school will do their best, but the good news is that your child has YOU.

We will talk about some ways we can help personalize our children’s education and please if you have more ways and ideas, do share with us so that other parents are made aware. We love to share information here, that’s what we are about. Sharing and spreading the love, through sharing information to empower and participate in our lovely children’s education.

Ideas to personalize your child’s education:

  1. In the Parent evenings, find out your child’s weakest areas and focus on those at home to get you child interested in them. Make it fun by chatting with them on why they find it difficult. Do your best to encourage and not criticize at this point. Give examples of areas that you struggled with as a child and how you overcame it.
  2. Pre-Teach a Lesson: We don’t have to be teachers to do this. A lot of schools give out the curriculums for the terms or have them on their websites which we can download. Websites such as BBC Bitesize are fantastic resources that we can encourage our kids to go, to read on topics they have not covered. This in turn will make for better understanding when they then hear it again from their teachers in the class lessons.
  3. Outdoor Activities: Some kids learn better outdoors. Outdoor activities can sometimes help increase their motivation and retention, so take them out to places such as zoos, museums and other interesting sights.

source: www.education.com

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