Ways Parents Can Help Reception Aged Children

Helping with speaking and reading:

  • Sing songs together
  • In the car, listen to story CDs
  • When you read a new story, ask your child to predict the ending
  • Look at a picture book together and play a spotting game.

Helping with Reading

  • Read with your child every day – little and often is the best way to learn
  • Make it enjoyable – if your child isn’t in the mood, try again later
  • Rhyming books are great fun and your child can join in
  • Be a role model – it’s important to let your child see you reading
  • Play with letters: make them out of dough, bricks, or buy some magnetic letters and stick them on the fridge
  • Play I-spy when you go out – use the sound the letter makes, rather than its name

Helping with writing

  • Develop fine motor skills: try modelling with clay or threading beads. Anything fiddly is good for the hands
  • Practise forming letters – it’s often easier to make them big at first
  • If your child doesn’t want to pick up a pencil, try finger paints, or drawing in sand

source: www.theschoolrun.com

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