Unnecessary Act

Joseph Burke-Monerville

My heart was broken last night for the family of Joseph Burke-Monerville (Murdered Twin Brother ) featured in last night’s Crime Watch BBC1.(25/7/13)

I just could not understand the reason for this callous murder. A hardworking University student, just on his way back from the gym with his twin brother and older brother in February of this year. They had stopped by to go into a convenience store at 8.15pm when this shooting happened. The killer is a black boy aged between 18-21 yrs.

I have just re-watched it again online and it is so upsetting. What was the aim of this shooting for this boy? What has he gained by doing such an evil act? As a Parent, I cannot understand what drives a child to do such a thing. As a parent, my heart goes out to the parents of Joseph who did a marvellous job in bringing up their children in the best way that they could, to Jonathan, his twin brother who was inseparable with Joseph and to David who witnessed the shooting as well and was hurt.

On behalf of Parents of Black UK Pupils, we send our condolences to John and Linda Burke-Monerville (Dad and Mum) and David (older brother) and Jonathan (Joseph’s Twin brother).

We do hope and pray that they find the killer. The first question that comes to mind is where is this killer’s parents? Do they even have a clue of what they son is up to? The answer may be a No.

Parents, we all have to keep an eye on our kids, what kind of friends do they have? Where are our kids? Give them so much love, so they don’t have to out there to gangs to get the love and attention they desire, teach our kids right from wrong. Never assume they will just do the right thing, Instil it in them as early as possible. And finally continue to share with our kids how horrible these gangs are. Tell them that gang leaders and members do not have a clue about love because love is not violent and love does not hurt. Find out what our kids think about such violence. Make it an open discussion and let our kids know that they can always come to us for any concerns they have.

Have a good day parents and please share with us any thoughts you have regarding this or advice you want to share with other fellow parents. We are in this together. The nonsense on our streets has got to stop and we will play our roles to the best that we can. Never give up.


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