Tips for Good Homework Habits

Tips for Good Homework HabitsDo find a quiet place at home to use as a homework area. It needs a flat surface, a good light source and the right equipment eg pens, pencils, ruler, scissors, glue.

Do be aware of modern teaching methods, eg in long division.

Do plan a homework timetable and agree on when your child will do their homework.

Do allow your child to have something nutritional to eat before starting on homework.

Do discuss any homework tasks with your child and how it connects with what they are studying at school.

Do turn off the TV – but you could have music on if they find it helpful.

Don’t give your child the answer in order to get a task finished. Instead, explain how to look up information or find a word in a dictionary.

Don’t teach your child methods you used at school. It could confuse them.

Don’t let homework become a chore. Keep it fun and make it a special time that you both look forward to.

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