The Wonders in Our Children

The Wonders in Our Children

I just read a story of a six year old called Blake Ansari from New York. After reading about a homeless girl and her life in some other part of New York, this 6 year old decided to have a book drive. With the support of his parents, he rallied with his friends, family and other supports and within weeks collected over 600 books to donate to the department of homeless service in NY.

What really got me next on top of this all was the answer he gave to a question from the ‘BlackGivesBack’ interviewer.

The Question: What inspired you to make a donation of books to homeless children?

HIS Answer: “The story in the newspaper about homeless children. They don’t have libraries. I want them to read every day so they can become excellent readers. I want them to go to college and get good jobs. Then they can buy a home and their children will not be homeless. I want them to be happy and build their brains.”

At six years old, he already knows that reading is good for all whether people can afford the books or not. Oh bless his heart. He will go far in life just like our children will. Keep them reading even in the half term and weekends, get them reading. It sure pays off.

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