The Mastery Curriculum: A New Curriculum in Our Primary Schools

Dear parents, just as you all thought you were getting the hang of the UK Education system especially in primary school, with the levels 1-5 and even level 6, there are a few changes coming up. We are embracing the Mastery Curriculum which was inspired by high performing education system in the East and South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Japan, South Korea and China.

With this system, the focus is more on our children understanding in depth of a subject, so rather than rush the higher able students to higher levels, teachers will focus on going further into those areas, more reasoning, more repetitions and a higher expectation that all pupils will achieve is now the key.

Our current year 6 pupils are the last set to be on the normal levels curriculum that we are all used to. Going forward, rather than a child being moved from a level 4 to 5 for example, they will remain in level 4 but learn tougher ways to answer similar questions.

As a very active school governor, I am going to grasp all that there is to this new system and continue to update you on what to expect. You must all bear with all your teachers and schools at this time, as they will all be learning completely different methods from what they have been used to. I would expect all schools to brief parents on these changes as it is very vital that everyone gets on the same page with this change.

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