The Increase of Children Using Mobile Phone ‘Textisms’ In Their School Work

According to a recent report sourced from, research from the National Literacy Trust finds that pupils – particularly boys – are using “txt speak” in school work and increasingly relying on spellcheckers to get by.

Researchers surveyed 35,000 children aged eight to 16 as part of a major study into pupils’ writing habits.

They were asked various questions about writing in and outside school, with the latter including writing in a diary, sending emails, penning letters, text messaging friends or posting on social networking websites.

The study found that 30.2 per cent of boys “never or rarely” write outside of class compared with just 17.3 per cent of girls.

Researcher found that many children believe that learning how to spell is a waste of time because of the emergence of digital spellcheckers.

More than a quarter of pupils polled by the National Literacy Trust insisted there was “no point” attempting to master the basic rules of English language.

It was also revealed that more than one-in-seven children regularly resorted to using mobile phone text message abbreviations such as “lol”, “gr8”, “l8r” and “b4” in their school written work.

According to the report, boys were considerably more likely to rely on technology as a writing aid than girls.

Some experts have claimed that exposure to technology – particularly mobile phones and social networking websites – is fuelling a decline in pupils’ written skills.


As Parents, we have to constantly let our kids know and appreciate the full spellings of words. Make sure that when they text us, they use full spellings. It might not seem a big deal, but it is a big deal.

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