The Importance of Year 9 Option Evening

For parents and guardians of Year 9 pupils, Over the next few weeks or so, many secondary schools will be organising Year 9 option evenings. (Some schools may have done so already)

What is an Option Evening?

It is an evening organised by schools inviting parents and pupils to come and talk to individual teachers about subjects they are interested in taking for their GCSEs.

The school would normally provide details of all the courses on offer and there would also be a presentation about the curriculum and the issues that all students should consider when making their decisions. It is VERY vital that parents attend these option evenings if they can. It helps remind both parents and children of the importance in the decisions to be made.

I attended my son’s Option evening yesterday and here are a few key reminders for our children to bear in mind when making their choices.

  • Choose subjects that they enjoy- Generally if they like a subject, they are more likely to do better in it.
  • Do not pick subjects of their favourite teachers- they may not get those teachers’ classes or those teachers may leave the school.
  • Don’t just choose subjects that their friends have chosen. (It is an individual race I say)
  • Make a balance choice

WHAT DO THEY ENJOY AND NOT WHAT DID WE ENJOY is vital in our discussions.

Parents please also make sure that we are aware of the deadlines given by the schools and make sure the choices are done on time. A sit down with our children to discuss these options is very vital. Let’s give our children all the support that we can.


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