The Importance of Predicted Grades

A friend of my son achieved higher than the predicted grades that his teachers had given. However his first choice of University had not given him a place based on those predicted grades. How fair is that you may ask? Explanation- Through the process of University application way before the exams are taken, the students fill out the application forms with their choices, they write a personal statement, pass it unto their schools, who then includes predicted grades that they think the students will make and send off to UCAS. Now the Universities use all of these information before they make either conditional offers or reject the applications. So for my son’s friend, his first choice had not given him a conditional offer in the first place because the predicted grades were low. He however made much higher grades than was predicted but his preferred course was already full in his first choice of Uni. He has now accepted his second choice of Uni.

Parents continue to tell your children how important it is make a good impression with their studies in school. It matters a whole lot. These predicted grades weigh a lot more than we think. Is it fair? There sure are some fair and unfair situations that come out of it.

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