The Dangers of the Internet

Tallulah Wilson

Troubled: Tallulah Wilson struggled to cope with her parents’ divorce (Picture: Wilson family)

The story on the Metro yesterday, must have touched all parents who read it.

Metro 14th of January 2014:

A troubled teenage ballerina addicted to the internet, shared photos of her own bleeding arms on grisly self-harm websites before killing herself.

Apparently Tallulah struggled to cope with her parents’ divorce and retreated to the online world.

Tallulah was a white 15 years old girl, but this story is really not a white or black issue. It is more of a re-emphasis on the dangers of the internet usage when used out of control,(there are horrible sites there that none of us want our children exposed to) it’s about continuous awareness of what our children are up to, it’s about communication, it’s about participation both educationally and emotionally with our children.

Let’s stay aware, let’s stay inquisitive, and let’s stay alert! As long as our kids are still in OUR homes, we have EVERY right to know what they are exposed to in OUR homes.


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