The Consequences of John Cherry’s Comment

The Consequences of John Cherry’s Comment:
RE: Top Performing Multiracial School in Stockwell.

From: Ifeanyi Chukwujekwu.

Tory councillor John Cherry was last night (21/04/13) forced to resign following racist remarks he had made earlier. Mr Cherry’s remarks were instigated by a proposal by Durand Academy, a top performing multiracial school based in Stockwell, to locate a school which would cater for about 600 teenagers in the rural suburb of West Sussex.

Mr Cherry purported that children from certain ethnic backgrounds were unintelligent and lazy and would run wild like animals in that environment because, ‘They have been plucked from their natural environment.’ Durand Academy is a top school and has received kudos from Education Secretary Michael Gove. Mr Cherry should have done his homework.

One of the comments made in response to this in the Metro Facebook page was:

“Your child may be branded unintelligent just because of the colour of his/her skin. The onus is on parents to examine the curriculum and give children that extra advantage by acquiring resources and working through educational material, over and beyond what is expected.”

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