Teacher’s Justification to the Strike

Teacher across the country have justified the reason for the strike yesterday which had many parents like you and I being asked ‘Oh I am so bored, what are we doing today?’

Teachers have been angered by the planned introduction of a system performance related pay in schools and an overhaul of public sector pensions that will see them work for longer and retire with a smaller retirement fund.

Now I will not be a judge on if this strike was wrong or right, but I know that I had to give my son the look of ‘Do not disturb me with your boredom, go get a book and read’.

A very interesting and classic comment from a parent on a newspaper site said…

I think teachers should seek parental permission if they wish to take time off during term time with similar punitive measures for bunking off without prior permission. If teachers wish to protest, then by all means do so – During a teacher training day!!

What do you think?

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