Take Courageous Steps This Month


Happy New Month to you! As we step into this new amazing month, a question I have found myself ask is “Where indeed is the time flying to” Unfortunately the time itself cannot answer that question for me but I am sure that if it could, it would say something like this- “I am moving because my destiny and purpose is to move. I cannot wait for anyone to come on board before I take my flight. I have to be me if not what is the point of my existence? One of the most beautiful things about me is that even though I keep flying, people who are ready to make use of me and get to their destiny can always hop on. It is never too late to start.” Wow! Wow! and another Wow! Did you catch what I just caught here? We have 4 months to go till the end of this year. Those un- welcomed inner thoughts may say ‘oh well it’s too late, it’s never going to happen now, why bother just start again next year’ Ignore them and realise that it is NOT too late. You may have had back to back disappointing news all through the last 8 months, or you may have started and then given up along the way- but here we are in the 9th month. It’s a new era and It’s a new day. Top up your courage bucket and don’t you dare give up at this stage. You have come a long way to give up now. I am very hopeful for this month and my courage level is sure stepping up. My new name is Mrs Phinnah Chichi Courage. Watch me as I fly courageously with time and make use of my own time this month. As always! Remember I am rooting for you as you make the most of your own time this month, let courage NOT be a stranger to you. Step out and do what needs to be done.

Have an amazing day meant for an amazing you!!!

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