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A Must Read For All Parents

Pupils shared “inappropriate” pictures on Snapchat and were “groomed” on school iPads. Wow! Just a day after we shared a write up here about SNAPCHAT, the Telegraph has reported about a school where pupils had shared ‘inappropriate’ photos on Snapchat

Our role is vital in the Education of our children

Education is not limited to the classroom. It takes place in the kitchen, on the corner, as you ride or walk to any destination, when you listen or speak to others, and in the silence. -Iyanla Vanzant

Are You A Positive Parent?

“Did you know that children’s abilities in Maths and English are more closely linked to their parents’ views of their ability than to their test scores in these subjects, even when the scores dramatically contradict the views of the parents?”


“EDUCATION IS THE KEY OUT! You can make somebody rich, but you can’t keep them rich. The way we move our children out of poverty is to give them an education.” Education is so vital. We will always say this

More ways in Participating and Empowering our children’s educational development

Children need to feel supported not pressurized. Each child is different and follows their progress at school. Sometimes some children make sudden improvements and at other times it may take a while for a subject to ‘click’. Comparing a child

Wishing All the Very Best As Schools Start

We wish all Parents and their children the very best as schools start across the country. We love new beginnings. It’s a fresh start for us all. The old is past, we now welcome the new. For all, it’s the