Supplementary Education

Supplementary Education is education provided outside the school hours either to reinforce and support the regular education offered in the mainstream education system or to compensate for educational disadvantages. There are about 3000-5000 supplementary schools in the UK.

Supplementary schools offer a range of learning opportunities including subjects (English, Maths, Science and others) religious studies, mother –tongue classes, cultural studies and a range of extra activities such as sport, music, dance and drama.

Most of supplementary schools are run in the evenings of the week or at the weekends.

Private tutoring also offered outside the mainstream education system. It helps high achievers reach new levels and also helps slow learners keep up with their peers. In a quest to provide children with educational advantages, the use of private tutors is spreading and becoming very popular.

A private tutor teaches specific subjects or skills to an individual student or a group of students. Such attention ideally allows the students to improve knowledge than in a classroom setting. Tutors are often privately hired by parents.

Due to the fact that individuals can become tutors without formal training, their effectiveness can sometimes be doubtful. This is the reason why we advise that it is vital to hear other parent’s feedbacks and testimonials about private tutors you intend to use.

Most private tutors are recommended and known by word of mouth or from reliable adverts on sites like ours.