Sunday Inspirations

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. WE ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for. WE ARE the change that we seek

There are new seasons of growth for us all. We are talking about newer and greater levels of growth in our families, in our careers, in our ambitions and in our lives on a general basis. In other to see these seasons of growth, we have to embrace change. Change comes in different forms, change can mean letting go and moving on, change can mean looking at our situations and circumstances with a different perspective and trusting that we will learn life changing lessons through those situations and in the end, it will work out for us, Change is loving others, Change is sharing with others, change is caring, change is smiling, change is courage, change is deciding to do it, change is believing that you have it in you, change is going for it and getting started, change is changing some old habits that has taken us nowhere, change is deciding to change. Today, Let us not live life waiting for the storms to pass.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…
It’s learning to DANCE IN THE RAIN

This quote is spot on. We can’t keep waiting for the storms (issues, situations/circumstances) to pass before we live our best lives. NOW is the time. If we decide to wait until our lives are perfect, then we will be waiting forever. Let’s live our best lives now. Focus on the good that today will bring. Dance even if we don’t feel like it (at least the dance will make us laugh at ourselves and that’s all good); Smile even if we don’t feel like. Make YOUR day YOUR Best day. No one else is going to make it best for you. YOU decide! YOU choose to make it your best day.

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