Words have tremendous power for good or for ill
They can inspire or expire. The choice is ours. We can:
Choose to heal or choose to wound
Choose to affirm or choose to reject
Choose to praise or choose to criticize
Choose to appreciate or choose to depreciate
Choose to encourage or choose to discourage
Choose to focus on strengths or choose to focus on weaknesses
Using words and language that LIFTS the human spirit creates a new paradigm in thinking. Instead of “What can I get?” our mentality shifts to “What can I give?” – Kevin Hall.
It is really our choice to make and this requires a conscious effort to do what is right. Words are indeed powerful. The tongue, they say is the smallest part of the body but really the most powerful of all. Let’s use the power of our tongues for good and not for evil. Speak with kindness, speak with patience, speak with hope, speak with peace, speak with wisdom, speak with grace and most of all Speak with LOVE.

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