Students Opting For Inappropriate Courses

Today, the 31st of March is the deadline for Universities to offer places for the coming academic year 2014/15. A research has found that, that despite the increased fees in Universities, students may be opting for inappropriate courses due to reasons such as

  • making random applications to university without a proper grasp of degree course requirements
  • failing to carry out proper research before choosing a university.

According to the Telegraph, a survey done by WHICH of 1000 applicants revealed that:

23% failed to attend any university open days before completing their application form through UCAS.

Almost half- 47 per cent – failed to “talk to staff” before choosing a course.

25 per cent of applicants aged 19 or under “felt certain they had enough advice from school or college to make an informed choice”.

24 per cent also said they wished they had chosen different A-levels for the degree they were applying for.


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