Speaking, Listening, Reading &Writing in the Reception Class (For Parents /Guardians of Reception Aged Children)

In continuation to what to expect in the reception year, we are looking at more of what our children will be doing in the reception class and in the next post how we as parents can help. Our children at this stage will be:

  • Speaking clearly and grammatically
  • Listening carefully
  • Acting out stories
  • Singing songs with actions and intonation
  • Making up stories, rhymes and poems
  • Naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet
  • Linking sounds to letters (phonics)
  • Recognising groups of letters, for example, ‘oo’ and ‘ee’
  • Hearing and saying sounds in words
  • Recognising familiar and common words
  • Understanding a story has a beginning, middle and end
  • Using a pencil and holding it correctly
  • Writing recognisable letters, mostly formed correctly and facing the right way
  • Writing their name
  • Writing labels, captions and mini books
  • Using phonics to write simple consonant-vowel-consonant words, and having a go at more complicated words
  • Beginning to form simple sentences
  • Using basic punctuation

source: www.theschoolrun.com

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