Some Teachers Opt For Safe Topics Rather Than Challenge Pupils!

A leading headmistress, Bernice McCabe has challenged many teachers who she thinks are falling into ‘familiar routine’, opting for safe topics rather than challenge pupils and failing to stretch themselves in the classrooms and staying in their comfort zones.

Mrs. McCabe claims that the focus on the league tables and performance targets can be seen to be reasons why some teachers would fall into this category.

She goes on to say that it is vital that teachers pass a body of “core knowledge” on to pupils, adding: “Teaching is seen not just as facilitating learning or the acquisition of skills in the abstract, but learning particular things.” And concludes with the fact that there are “risks” associated with pushing children too hard in particular subjects, but the risks involved, the dangers of doing so are no greater – and in human terms much less – than playing safe, limiting the options, and submitting to the tyranny of league tables and performance targets.”


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