Social Media Cuts Teenagers Sleep

Social Media Cuts Teenagers Sleep
Students who fear missing out on the latest news on social media are forsaking sleep to stay in touch with what their friends are doing by following social media updates. Students are coming to school very tired and it is having an adverse effect on their school work.

According to the BBC, the national union of teachers has said it is concerned about this increasing habit. Ms Watterson (Cheshire school’s Deputy Head Teacher) pointed out that students were often not willing to share the information that social networking was responsible for tiredness for fear of the technology being confiscated. She conceded she could not influence what the children did outside of school hours but pledged to raise awareness of the issues the School Reporters’ survey found with parents.

What Can Parents Do?

To Parents- let’s watch out for signs in our teenagers, let’s check on them at night times to make sure that they have gone to sleep. It is advisable to get them to switch off devices at least an hour before sleep. We must do what is right by our children and not what is cool to them.

They need their sleep and that is only right. The effects of lack of sleep include negative effects of concentration and attention which would affect school performance.


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