Sleepovers! What Are Your Views On Sleepovers?

During the holidays, sleepovers are very common and can cause frictions between kids (especially teens) and their parents.

For many parents, sleepovers are a no-no while for others it’s not a big deal.

We came across some rules for sleepovers which are worth sharing to all parents.

  1. Set strict limits and stick with them.
  2. Create codes with your child so that when they don’t feel comfortable at the sleepover, they can let you know.
  3. Get to know the other parent and we will add here, get to know who else lives in the house.
  4. Treat sleepovers (if you are ok with it) as special rewards. Stress that it is a reward to be earned and not a right.
  5. Decide how you feel on the gender question.
  6. Do not feel bad about saying no – sometimes as parents our instincts ring alarming bells. Listen to those bells.


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