Shouting at Children ‘Increases Their Behaviour Problems’

According to a recent research led by LSE and reported on Telegraph online,

“Mothers who angrily tell off their children when they step out of line may be making behaviour problems worse.”

Researchers said that:

“particularly excessive shouting, punishing or ignoring a naughty child” increases their behavioural problems, adding: “Only reasoning does not impact the child’s behaviour.”

This study kind of confirms a claim that Ofsted chief inspector said last year. He claimed that parents who no longer “take responsibility” for teaching their children right from wrong were at the root of Britain’s biggest problems.
Also two years ago, a report by the Dept. for Education found that “harsh and inconsistent” discipline in the home was breeding a generation of young children with anger management problems, poor attention spans and low levels of literacy.

The recent LSE research does however warn that it is difficult to establish a direct blame on parenting style because of other outside influences such as social class.

Other conclusions from this research were:

It found that a mother’s parenting style “mainly influences the mental health of the child” rather than their physical wellbeing.

It said children in poor households in particular were “affected by their mother’s parenting style”.

It did say that “In this group, externalising behavioural problems are reduced when mothers read to the child, and increased when mothers shout at the child when naughty, take treats away, or ignore the naughty child,”


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