September 2014

Happy New Month to all Parents! Are we ready for this back to school season? Have we prepared ourselves and our children for what we want in this new school year? Have we made plans and discussed what we want different in this new school year? Have we called our children and had a ‘back to school’ meeting with them discussing our expectations from them, how we will continue to support and participate in all areas of their lives, the belief we have in them and the continued endless love we have for them?

Let’s all make a difference in this new school year. As parents we play a key role in our children’s outcome. Let’s embrace that role to the fullest. We can do it. It is in us. We have been given this opportunity to lead for a reason. You are special parents! You are extraordinary parents! I am so blessed to be surrounded by all of you. Let’s enjoy this ride, the most fulfilling role ever.

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