Secondary School Applications – Check Points to Maximise Your Chances of Success

October 31st is the closing date for most councils to receive your application forms. As the dates gets closer, more and more parents may be in that panic mode or not sure about what to do and what not to do. I came across these check points that will help parents better in this process.


  • CHECK that your child is eligible for all the schools that you are applying for
  • Double CHECK the closing dates for application forms to be received by your local authority.
  • Remember that you are entitled to apply for schools outside your borough
  • CHECK if the schools you are applying to require a supplementary information form.
  • CHECK that you have used all your choices
  • CHECK that you have saved your application
  • CHECK that you have received either an email confirming that your application has been successfully received (keep that email /save it on your computer) or a proof of posting if you are posting your application.

Parents of Black UK Pupils wishes ALL parents the very best in their decisions and choices made.

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