SATS Tests for All Year 6 Pupils Starts On Monday The 11th Of May 2015

As we start the last weekend before our children face their SATS tests, it’s the time to remain calm, help get rid of any anxieties or worries that our children may have and be their number 1 encourager.

Here a number of ways you can help your child, in order to both achieve their best and feel confident as we get closer to SATs:

  • Please continue reading with your child every day; reading and understanding the questions is key for these tests and for life!
  • Quick mental maths at home, especially of the times tables, is very important. All of the children sitting the papers should know each times table up to 12 by Year 6.
  • Check your child can tell the time accurately, so that they have an awareness of how much time is left during the tests.
  • Go through their spellings and have a fun time testing them on words, from smaller words to bigger words.

Finally, utilise the many fantastic websites for further revision. Some favourites which schools recommend are: – fun games and activities for both Maths and Literacy – a fantastic spelling website set-up by another Year 6 teacher

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