SATs Tests Are 4 Weeks Away – How Can Parents Help?

As we round up from the Easter break holidays, here is gentle reminder of what many of children will be facing when they get back to school. Some children will be taking SATs (year 2 & 6) and many others will be preparing for their end of year assessments, GCSEs, AS levels and A levels.

For our current year 6 pupils their SATs tests will start in the week of May 11th- May 15th. (Just 4 weeks away)

The relevance of these SATs tests cannot be taken for granted. The scores our children get from this are used to determine their set levels in year 7 and also their target grades in year 10 for GCSES. So it is very vital that as parents, we play our own part in being very supportive and involved in this process.

How can we help?

Help plan out personal time tables with our year 6 children to help them with the study plans. Include study times, play times and relaxing times.

Check every day that all has been done and stay open at your discretion to flexibility when your child wants to do more (or less) as children study at different paces.

Find out and buy relevant study guides (if you have not done so already) that can be used in addition to what they are using in school. Many schools recommend books to parents.

Subjects Covered in this year’s SATs are:

  • English (Reading Comprehension and SPAG –Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar)
  • Maths (Paper A, Paper B and Mental Maths)

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