SATs Tests 2014

We have only 18 Days to go till the next set of SATs tests. If your child is in Year 2 or Year 6 they will be having some form of tests very soon. Many schools run ‘unofficial’ optional SATs in years 3 to 5 as well. We are hoping through other reminders from your schools and from us, that your child/children is/are already studying and practicing for these tests.

Your year 6 son/daughter will be sitting English and Maths and they are broken up as follows:

Year 6 English SATs:

English grammar, punctuation and spelling – Paper 1 comprises 40 to 50 short-answer questions covering grammar, punctuation and vocabulary; Paper 2 is a spelling test with 20 questions.

English reading – one paper based on reading comprehension of three to four texts, with a total of 35 to 40 questions.

The English grammar, punctuation and spelling test covers sentence grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, handwriting and spelling and was introduced in 2013.

Year 6 Maths SATs:

Mathematics – Papers 1 and 2, each lasting 45 minutes, and Paper 3, a 20-minute mental maths test.

In addition, high-achieving children may be entered for Level 6 SATs papers in the same subjects. The Department for Education (DfE) advises that only children who are expected to achieve a level 6 should take these tests; if they don’t pass, they are awarded the grade from their level 3-5 papers instead.


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