SATs Results For 2014

The SATs results from the tests our children took in May 2014 is officially out but it seems the handing out of the results to pupils vary from school to school.

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL our pupils who worked so hard for their SATs and to all Parents who did all their best to support them.

Parents! Here is reminder of what the levels you will see on your child’s reports mean.

You will see levels ranging from level 1to level 6 (in some cases)

There are also sub levels a, b, or c which are just positions within the levels (mostly used internally in schools.)

a – Means that a child is performing very consistently and secure within that level is actually ready to move up.
b – Means that a child is secure within that level
c – Means that a child has only just started at that level

Here are the EXPECTED LEVELS at the end of each year but please remember that we should only use this as a guide. We should aim to EXCEED these averages.

Year 1: 1b
Year 2: 2b
Year 3: 2a/ 3c
Year 4: 3b
Year 5: 3a/4c
Year 6: 4b

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