Routine – Consistency and Hard Work Must Play a Role in 2014 for Parents and Children

With the holidays over and our children heading back to school next week, it’s time to make the necessary changes that we all need in our homes for 2014. We would hope that when we made our individual New Year resolutions, we also made some resolutions to how we will all work together with our children. If we didn’t, the good news is, we still have the weekend to plan and strategize how we take on 2014 with our children.

Having a ROUTINE in place will help the smooth running of our homes and also help our sanity.

Being CONSISTENT in our roles, rules and responses is also key and causes less confusion in our homes.

HARD WORK must play a major role in 2014 because EVERY success comes with hard work.

Having a routine does not mean that every minute of the day must be scheduled for something. Routines must be made FLEXIBLE AND NOT RIGID.


  • Our Children actually love routines and thrive in them because it gives them a kind of sense of control in their minds. The fact that they know what to expect and what comes next is exciting for them. They will work it well if we as parents stay consistent
  • An effective Routine ensures that the important stuff gets done
  • Having a Routine does relieve stress

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