Rise of Twitter and Facebook ‘Makes It Impossible For Parents to Send Naughty Children to Their Bedroom’

There are growing concerns over the effect that social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Bebo are having on children’s relationships with adults. According to Alice Phillips, president of the Girls’ Schools Association,” Social media is putting unprecedented pressure on modern parenting by turning every domestic decision into the subject of “global scrutiny”, She added that mothers and fathers were becoming “less bold and intuitive” when it comes to controlling their children amid fears grumpy teenagers will broadcast disagreements to hundreds of online friends.

In the past, children would be sent to their bedroom to calm down after a row but now they are “more likely to continue the fight” via social media, it was claimed.

source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationnews/11250355/Rise-of-Twitter-and-Facebook-makes-it-impossible-for-parents-to-send-naughty-children-to-their-bedroom.html

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