Rise In Primary Pupils Being Expelled- Evening STD Paper 25/7/13

According to recent figures from the Dept. of Education, the number of primary school pupils being expelled from schools has risen. The figures according to the Evening Standard are a 14% rise in young children being thrown out of the class. In London 50 children were permanently excluded from lessons during the 2011/12 school year and a further 4720 were suspended for a set period.

The boroughs with the highest number of pupils sent home for bad behaviour include Croydon and Hackney with about 300 each. In London 950 children were excluded for bullying, 500 for sexual misconduct and 580 for racist abuse. In all 41,900 pupils in London compared to 309,540 across the country were excluded or expelled. Now those are very alarming numbers and the fact that these numbers are for primary school pupils only is scarier.

Our concerns as parents is that whilst we do not condone bad behaviours from our kids and want our kids to be safe in their schools and learn in appropriate environments, are some schools misusing their powers and expelling pupils for minor bad behaviours? What are they classing as bad behaviours? Are certain pupils targeted based on past bad behaviours?

What can we do to get these numbers down and get to the bottom of these problems? Our concerns also stretch to the fact that these exclusions do no good for the prospects of the pupils. It is a wrong start. In a world where the competition for jobs is on a high, what future will these pupils have with such a wrong start?

Your thoughts on this issue are appreciated.

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