Relax and Reset

Hello all, Have a great Bank Holiday Monday (UK). Use today to relax and reset. Relax from all the hard work you have done this far and reset for another burst of hard work to come. PLAN your week. Make PLANs for the month ahead. Write out SPECIFIC goals and ACTIONS required for those goals to come into reality. Here are 7 benefits of planning that I will leave you with. (I just heard these this morning and I am bursting to share it)

  1. Planning brings order
  2. Planning brings progress
  3. Planning brings rest
  4. Planning brings increase
  5. Planning eliminates waste
  6. Planning brings you out of pressure
  7. Planning increases your level of confidence and self-worth

– Pst David Ibiyeomie

Have a blessed, Fab and a Relaxing/Resetting Day.

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