Questions To Ask Teachers at Parent Evenings

This week and following the half term breaks we will all be attending Parent Evenings at our children’s school.

Here are some of many questions that are necessary to ask during our chat with our children’s teachers.

Do you think my child is happy at school?
The teacher’s assessment of our children may be different to how we see them at home. Apparently it is not unusual for a child who is so talkative at home to be quiet and reserved in the classroom.

How would you describe my child’s attitude towards homeworks?
We want to know how our children approach their work. Are they keen to learn? Do they ask questions if they don’t understand?

Is my child working at an appropriate level for his/her age?
It is beneficial to be aware of this as that helps you as parents to know what level we should be helping your children with. There is absolutely no need to compare notes with other parents after the parent evening because some kids work at higher levels than others and some parents can sometimes be very competitive and boastful. All that really matters to you is your child’s performance and their experience.

Which Subjects and aspects of learning is my child good at?
We love this question because of its positivity. At times parent evenings can be quite stressful if all that we are being told is that our children don’t listen, can be easily distracted or is the class joker. By asking this question, we want to hear what he/she is good at.

What does he/she find challenging?
Although we want to hear what our children are good at, it is also matter of fact vital to know what areas they are struggling with. Our kids may have told us struggle areas and have been too embarrassed to tell their teachers. This is a time for us to share that with the teachers so that they could now focus on those struggle areas.

There are lots of more questions that you could ask. Visit for more.


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