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Year 6 (Primary School) and Its Relevance at GCSEs Stage

Every Year 6 parent should check with their schools on what grade levels their sons/daughters are on at the moment and what their targets are. Many parents may think that Year 6 grades are not vital but we want to

Primary School Grades and Attendance Are Very Vital To ‘Target Setting’ At GCSE

I attended a Year 10 parent’s workshop at my son’s school last night and we were reminded of some of the determining factors used in setting the targets of our children’s GCSE grades. Did you know that your child’s primary

Primary Schools to Introduce Computer Coding As Part of Their Curriculum

According to the Telegraph, From September, all primary schoolchildren in England will learn coding as part of changes in the way ICT (renamed computing) is taught, with our children as young as five writing programs. The Government has also designated


To parents of Year 1 Pupils! Did you know that all Year 1 children now sit a test to assess how well they’re doing in phonics? The test is called the Phonics Screening Check and it takes place the week

Key Stage 2 SATs (Year 6 Pupils)

Changes to KS2 SATs TESTS IN THE RECENT YEARS THAT MAY INTEREST YOU Education Secretary Michael Gove, back in 2011 said that the Key changes to the Key Stage 2 system will make it fairer for all and more effective

Primary School League Tables 2013: Hundreds of Schools below New Targets

Last week, the department of education (DfE) released the primary school league tables for 2013 and it showed that hundreds of schools missed their targets. About 767 out of more than 15000 schools in which their year 6 pupils took

Day 3 on the Readiness List: The readiness of your child to start reception in primary school

Self-care skills • Is your child mostly toilet trained (not counting isolated accidents)? • Can he wash and dry his own hands? • Will he sit to eat lunch on his own? • Can he dress himself with minimal supervision?

Day 2 on the Readiness List: The readiness of your child to start reception in primary school

Remember yesterday we noted that, Readiness does not predict how smart, competent, or talented a child will be later on; rather, it is a measure of a child’s social maturity now. Watch out for: Listening skills: Can your child follow