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Best wishes to all Year 6 boys and girls

Best wishes to all our Year 6 amazing boys and girls who are taking their 11 plus tests this week. They have all worked hard for this so please parents stay calm. In your calmness, they will remain calm and

A level Success

FOUR A*s!!!!!! You heard it right 4 A*s!!! When I hear amazing stories like these, I leap for joy not just for the story now but for more stories like this to come from this. Sharing this kind of news

To Every Teen

As we get closer to the result days for both A levels and GCSEs, it’s time to reopen those conversations with our teens on how valuable they are. No results can replace their value to us and as parents we

The Inspiring Ten2Teens CLUB

Looking for a club that caters to your Tween or Teen, then you have come to the right place. Register with us today and begin to enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Inspiring Ten2Teens Club,

Exam – Best Wishes

Wishing our Teens the very best as they start their exams today.Parents! Let’s continue to encourage them to stay positive and stay expectant for the best.

SATS Tests for All Year 6 Pupils Starts On Monday The 9th Of May 2016

As we start the last weekend before our children face their SATS tests, it’s the time to remain calm, help get rid of any anxieties or worries that our children may have and be their number 1 encourager. Here a

2016 SATs – Important Information

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON 2016 SATs TESTS FOR OUR CURRENT YEAR 6 CHILDREN We have literally just under a month to the 2016 SATs tests for our year 6 children. It is very important that as parents, we know the dates

Exams Week Begins

Parents let’s put on our ‘Encouragement Hats’ and be our children’s no 1 SUPPORTERS this week as they start their various tests and exams. Our beautiful and handsome Year 6 girls and boys begin their SATs test today and our