Primary Schools to Introduce Computer Coding As Part of Their Curriculum

According to the Telegraph, From September, all primary schoolchildren in England will learn coding as part of changes in the way ICT (renamed computing) is taught, with our children as young as five writing programs.

The Government has also designated 2014 as the Year of Code, as part of a campaign to get more young people interested in computer science. Some schools have prepared for the new curriculum by introducing coding into lessons a year early.

Programming skills can be introduced to children from Year 1 and gradually built up throughout primary school.

The aim is that by the end of primary school a child should be able to write their own maths or spelling game and in more ambitious schools, children being able to write a simple app for a mobile phone will not be surprising.

Wow! This digital world is here to stay and our children will do much more than just be passive users. Exciting times!


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