Primary School League Tables 2013: Hundreds of Schools below New Targets

Last week, the department of education (DfE) released the primary school league tables for 2013 and it showed that hundreds of schools missed their targets. About 767 out of more than 15000 schools in which their year 6 pupils took the Sats tests back in May 2013 missed their targets.

We must add that these targets were put up this year to national average of 63% in a drive to push up standards in schools.

According to the BBC news on education report, about three-quarters of the pupils achieved the expected Level 4 or higher in reading, writing and maths, with about in five children (21%) reaching the even higher grade, Level 5.
Individual schools are now deemed to be below target if fewer than 60% of their pupils do not achieve Level 4 or higher in reading, writing and maths and pupils are not making the expected progress in these three subjects between the ages of seven and 11.

This new findings pushes harder the drive that we must continue to instil in our children the interest to aim for higher than average grades by continuously encouraging them to read books , to write and to solve maths problems. The primary school age is the best time to get them into those good habits. We must not give up, Parents we must not give up!

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