Primary School Grades and Attendance Are Very Vital To ‘Target Setting’ At GCSE

I attended a Year 10 parent’s workshop at my son’s school last night and we were reminded of some of the determining factors used in setting the targets of our children’s GCSE grades.

Did you know that your child’s primary school attendance, Your child’s primary school leaving grades, How many times your child had changed schools and your child’s background (e.g. Pupil Premium) are all used as factors in determining your child’s target?

More importantly we were also reminded that these targets are seen as MINIMUM TARGETS and do not in its entirety define what our children are capable of achieving.

In all honesty, we know that there are pros and cons to these targets, but let’s look at them as a base line and support our children now more than ever. If you as a parent think the baseline is too low, speak to your child’s teacher or head of year about it. I understand that they can increase it slightly but that may be dependent on the school and on the case you bring forward. I personally would think that if the school knows you as an involved parent, then your points will come across more valid to that of an uninvolved parent. Our children and the schools need all the support that we can give them so don’t stay away, stay involved.

The lessons here are:

  1. Do not take your child’s primary school stage for granted.
  2. Stay involved. Be supportive and Communicate with your children.

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