Prevent Summer Brain Drain for Your Children

Did you know that many children ‘unlearn’ half of what they’ve learned in the year by the end of summer holidays? Apparently it is an actual fact, with many studies that show pupils who are given the same test before and after the summer holidays will score worse the second time around. We really do not want them to sit for hours studying during the holidays. As parents how can we get the balance right during the holidays? I recently read from the school run website, that as parents, we should continue to encourage a natural love of activities like reading and writing that make children WANT to do those things for enjoyment in their free times. This will help make sure that they have retained what they have learnt and their eager brains are all set and ready to absorb more once they head back to school. Let’s think of creative ways that we can get those children who are not too keen in reading, to actually love reading and those who love reading, to continue to read. It is a time and effort well worth it as it will pay off in big ways.

Please share some of your ideas with us.

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