To parents of Year 1 Pupils! Did you know that all Year 1 children now sit a test to assess how well they’re doing in phonics? The test is called the Phonics Screening Check and it takes place the week starting 16th June 2014 for all pupils in Year 1.
Phonics is the method used for teaching reading in schools these days. Rather than recognising the whole word as we were taught or even our older kids were taught back in the days, children today are first taught to recognise around 44 different sounds like ‘ee’ and ‘ay’ and then to use this set of sounds and rules to ‘sound out’ words as they read.
Apparently once they have mastered the idea of how all the different sounds that they hear are represented in words, it is then much easier for them to use this system to ‘decode’ the words they need to read or write.
According the (website where we read this) the Phonics Screening Check will assess your child’s progress in phonics by asking them to correctly read and pronounce 40 different words and non-words. (Non-words are words which don’t actually mean anything but are there to test that your child understands the phonics rules behind them)
For more information, speak to child’s teacher about what you need to do to support your child at home before they take this test. I am sure there should be no panics about it at all. It’s just helpful to know that we know and that we can help support our children at home by asking them to pronounce words.

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